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18th June 2024


Have you found a box of vintage items in your attic? Or received an inheritance of antique belongings? Perhaps you’ve had something since you were a child and now no longer have use for it? If you own an old toy, a piece of precious jewellery or a painting, it may have hidden value - potentially making it worth a lot of money at auction.

But how can you find out?

Bring your items to us

Our experienced team of valuers would be happy to welcome you and your items at one of our regular valuation days at our Brading auction room. With no appointment necessary, this drop-in service is perfect for the odd item of small furniture, or other easily-transported item. See our Valuation Days schedule to find a date that suits you.

No booking required

No fee

No obligation

Bring us to your items

Alternatively, our skilled valuers would be pleased to visit you at your property. This service is ideal if you have a significant selection of items for appraisal, or if you have several large pieces of furniture or other bulky items. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.

No stress – we come to you

No fee

No obligation

On request, we are also pleased to offer the following valuation services for a competitive fee.

Probate valuations

Establishing the accurate value of an estate is essential for the purpose of inheritance tax. Our independent, expert valuers can provide prompt and accurate written valuations regarding the contents of an estate, to satisfy all legal frameworks.

Insurance valuations

It is crucial for homeowners to be mindful of the potentially damaging impact that out-of-date valuations or undervalued/overvalued assets can have when facing an insurance claim. Our expert valuers can provide robust written valuations that will stand up to scrutiny in the event of a claim.

The Auction Rooms Team

Valuation Days

10am - 3pm

Wednesday 12th June
Wednesday 26th June
Wednesday 10th July
Wednesday 24th July
Wednesday 7th August
Wednesday 21st August
Wednesday 11th September
Wednesday 25th September
Wednesday 9th October
Wednesday 23rd October
Wednesday 6th November
Wednesday 20th November
Wednesday 4th December
Wednesday 18th December

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